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Surgical microscopes have become standard equipment in endodontic practices. Their use is the key to a thorough and successful procedure.

A surgical microscope provides maximum magnification and illumination for optimal viewing of the delicate root canal system. There are numerous benefits to using a surgical microscope including removal of separated instruments, locating missed or blocked canals, viewing and determining the extent of a crack or fracture in a tooth.


IV sedation is a state-of-the-art technique for the comprehensive control of pain and anxiety in dentistry. There are other methods used in dentistry such as oral (pill) sedation, but IV sedation’s superior results make it the method of choice for the highly fearful dental patient or those patients who would prefer to remain unaware of what went on before, during or after the procedure and would prefer to have very little memory of the procedure.

Because of the types of medications used as well as their instant delivery, IV sedation allows the doctor to control the effects precisely. IV sedation is extremely safe when administered by qualified providers. To perform these advanced sedative techniques, special training and clinical experience is required. Approval to perform IV sedation requires the office to be specially equipped with emergency equipment and medications, which includes an ECG monitor to observe heart rate, rhythm and breathing

Apex Endodontics
Apex Endodontics


Apex recently incorporated the GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging solution from Sirona. Sirona’s technology extends diagnostic X-ray imaging potential for better patient treatment. The visualization tools available in the software assist us with better, more certain diagnosis. They allow our office to coordinate treatment planning with colleagues and to explain treatments visually to our patients with greater clarity and accuracy.

3D images make the X-ray diagnosis and implant treatment safer, more predictable and faster. The Sirona system provides a three dimensional image of the patient on the computer screen and the surgery is performed virtually for the patient review. Then at the time of treatment customized guides specific to the patient and the case assist with accurate implant placement. This allows for faster more comfortable surgery.

GALILEOS® not only shows 3D displays in perfect image quality, but also enables more complete navigation and diagnosis than the traditional 2D x-ray films. For our practice, the GALILEOS® 3D Dental Cone Beam solution offers:

  • Low Radiation dose (less than a full mouth series of intraoral film)
  • A quick comprehensive scan of the complete oral-maxillofacial area (14 seconds)
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
  • More certainty during surgery
  • Easy sharing of images and diagnostic information with referring doctors

We want our patients to receive the best dental care possible, that’s why we invested in the latest technology in dental diagnostics, the GALILEOS® 3D Dental Cone Beam solution.